Session 1 Introduction to IPSGA

During this session you will be introduced to IPSGA.

IPSGA is the acronym for the RoadSmart System of Car Control which is the basis of advanced driving.

  • Information
  • Position
  • Speed
  • Gear
  • Accelerate

IPSGA is applied to every hazard.

IPSGA provides a Safe, Smooth, Progressive and Systematic approach to every hazard.

Learn the different types of hazards and how to identify them.

Learn why the ‘push/pull’ method of steering is preferred.

IPSGA is covered in more detail in Session 2

During this session you will be asked to sign a Standing Order for continued membership of the Stratford Group.
Your first year’s group membership is included in the course fee.
You can print the standing order form HERE (opens in a separate tab)