Who are we?

Our Founder

We are the Stratford upon Avon and South Warwickshire Group of Advanced Motorists. Affiliated to the IAM, Group number 3127. We are a registered charity. All our personnel are unpaid volunteers.

Since 1983 the group has been preparing members of the public for the IAM’s advanced driving test. In 2001 and 2011 we won the coveted Group Achievement award, the first time a group has won it twice.

We consistently have an above average success rate with our associates passing the IAM test. This is due to the dedicated team of observers and the structured approach to preparing associates using classroom presentations and discussion.

Your Committee is always available for you to contact directly and comprises:
Mark Langstone – chairman@stratfordiam.org.uk
Ian Gibbins – observertraining@stratfordiam.org.uk
Dot Holtom – treasurer@stratfordiam.org.uk
Sarah Brook-Taylor – membership@stratfordiam.org.uk
James Viggers – onetwoone@stratfordiam.org.uk
Colin Upchurch
Graham Crump
Dave Marshall

Ian Macafee – secretary@stratfordiam.org.uk