Warwick and district roadworks wb 6/9/16

2000px-Mauritius_Road_Signs_-_Warning_Sign_-_Road_works.svgWorks on Birmingham Road outside IBM, closing the entrance, may be ongoing till 22 Sep- this was only originally 5&6 Sep. This is causing long queues towards Hatton and Warwick Parkway till well after rush hour.

Europa Way traffic lights between Gallows Hill and Greys Mallory 7-9 Sep

Fosse Way traffic lights north of railway bridge near Harbury turn 12-30 Sep

Harbury Lane near new housing opposite Cicero Approach, now ongoing till 2Dec

A426 Southam, towards Stockton traffic lights 12 Sep-30 Nov

Montague Road, Warwick stop/go boards near  The Ridgeway 13-16 Sep

St Helens Road Leamington 8-12 Sep near Hitchman Road then 16-22 Sep near Wych Elm Drive

Mortimer Road Kenilworth crossorads near chip shop(Chips and Fishes) multiway signals 13-15 Sep