Year of the Observer

2017 is Year of the Observer and IAM RoadSmart will be celebrating and focusing on developing our network of observers during the coming year with all sorts of new support, events and recognition.

Preventing wandering eyes: tips from IAM RoadSmart

During the daily commute we are often in such a hurry we could leave our brains on the kitchen counter! This forgetfulness can also often happen whilst we are in our cars and so we end up leaving valuables visible for thieves. This week’s tips give advice on how to prevent car theft. The tips will be posted on the advice section of the website here, this morning (29 March).

60 is the magic number for fun driving – IAM RoadSmart flash sale offers advanced courses for just £60

associate logbookWith IAM RoadSmart marking its 60th anniversary this year, the charity is offering 60 of its Advanced Driver or Rider courses to the first 60 people who phone in for just £60, in a special offer available from Tuesday 23 August.

To take up the offer, anyone interested will need to visit IAM RoadSmart’s Facebook or Twitter sites to obtain the redemption code and phone 0300 303 1134 to book. The code will be posted at 9.30am on 23 August.

IAM RoadSmart’s Advanced Driver and Rider courses usually retail for £149. The course places candidates with their local IAM RoadSmart group and offers a regular series of sessions to help them gain a greater enjoyment of driving and riding, and help them become a safer driver or rider.

More than half-a-million people have taken IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver and Rider courses since the organisation was established in 1956.

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